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Mika Tajima on Materialising Mood and Intangible Energies
Mika Tajima’s debut solo exhibition in the UK, Regulation, is currently on view at Simon Lee Gallery, London. New York-based conceptual artist Mika Tajima materialises the intangible forces that surround us in…
Behind the Scenes with Sotheby’s Jewels Specialist Joanna Gong

From blacksmithing to dealing diamonds, the jewelry specialist’s career in the art world is nothing short of extraordinary.  Blacksmith, silversmith, and goldsmith—all titles that one might think to find only in the…

The Woman Behind Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art Department

Johanna Flaum on the turn of the century shift into virtual auctions, the rise of women artists at sales, and an insider look on how she runs one of the auction house’s…

French Painter Marguerite Wibaux Explores Empathy One Person at a Time

“Not all those who wander are lost.” New York-based French painter Marguerite Wibaux allows her intuition to guide her in life and her art. She has spent much of her life traveling…

Zahra Holm’s Paintings Are a Tribute to Women and Nature

Fascinated by the female form and enamored by the silhouettes of nature, Zahra Holm creates paintings that beautifully weave together the two subjects. Originally from Sweden and Tunisia, the Paris-based artist Zahra…

Orbiting the Wheel of Life with Cecilia Granara

The dream-like paintings by Cecilia Granara inhabit the liminal space between reality and the world beyond. Born in Saudi Arabia, the Italian painter Cecilia Granara has lived in Mexico City, Rome, Chicago,…