Half a decade ago, ART SHE SAYS started from a simple idea: a digital magazine that empowers women in the art world. This was a new concept at the time, because most of the art world we see today did not exist on the internet and there was nowhere to find information on the powerful women who run the industry. The only names we heard in passing were Warhol, Koons, Gagosian, and Zwirner. The only major art publications at the time were ArtNews, Artnet, and Artsy.

Since launching in 2018, our name has been recognized as one of the leading voices for women in the art world through the ultimate curation of luxury content, exclusive networking events, and private art advisory. Based in New York City, our mission is to bring women to the forefront of the art world, particularly those who embody the “artrepreneur”—an innovator of the arts; one who breaks rules and disrupts the status quo.

Five years later, we’ve covered it all and needed a break from the predictable news cycle. After being at the center of it all for nearly a decade, our Editor-in-Chief (c’est moi) took a long hiatus from the New York art scene by escaping to Italy and the Côte d’Azur. She found tranquility by the Mediterranean sea, living idly between la dolce vita and la dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing). After a long season of sleeping, eating, exploring, and lounging — we wanted to capture a reading experience that embodied the essence of that very simplicity.

Enter the Weekend Journal — our Sunday hangover cure for art world society. Dripping in nostalgia, our new society and humour website is curated to reflect all of our favorite things: art, brunch, travel, and luxury leisure. Reminiscent of the male-dominated Mad Men era and 70s/80s contemporary art period of New York, our digital digest reviews the industry’s most riveting headlines under the guise of a feminist rhetoric, keeping you up-to-date with the art market and more.

Instructions: Before you begin, get a cup of coffee and start our weekend playlist for a better reading experience. Browse our daring columns, cultural commentary, criticisms, witticisms, and essays. Dedicated to readers who appreciate smart journalism and a boozy brunch. Cue the attitude

Stay tuned for the Sunday Brunch Club!

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