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Best Dressed Women at Art Basel and Beyond

Best Dressed Women at Art Basel and Beyond

Miami’s balmy December weather gives those who work or play in the art world a chance to break away from their traditional all black uniforms during the fairs and other festivities surrounding Art Basel. While several attendees took this to the extreme (we saw wearable neon signs, a headpiece adorned with plastic sunglasses, and an ensemble constructed entirely of balloons), others chose outfits more noteworthy for the ability to easily transition from booth hopping by day to soirée socializing by night than for attempting to make a bigger statement than the art on view! Breezy, patterned dresses and jumpsuits reigned supreme as did swapping stilettos for sneakers or sandals, but what caught our attention throughout the week was the focus on modern minimalist pieces in white, chic as well as sustainable brands, and the variety of international visitors who donned clothing created by local designers from their home countries. 

Enjoy our top 10 picks of fashionistas at Basel and beyond:

Estelle Ohayon, Eo Art Concierge Inc

IG: @estelleohayon_art. Seen at Art Miami.

Justina Gómez Romero

IG: @praxis.newyork. Seen at Art Miami.

Cristina García

IG: @xtyg. Seen at Art Miami.

Marina Testino 

Wearing all sustainable brands: Arnsdorf, Under Protection, and Minervini. IG: @marinatestino. Seen at Scope.

Maria Brito

Art Advisor, Curator, Author. IG: @mariabrito_ny. Seen at Basel.

Karen Jenkins-Johnson 

Gallerist, Jenkins Johnson Gallery. IG: @jenkinsjohnsongallery. Seen at Untitled.

Irene Rodríguez

IG: @untitledartfair. Seen at Untitled.

Joanne Salley & Danié Gómez-Ortigoza

IG: @joannesalley (left) @journeyofabraid (right). Seen at Untitled.

Rex Delafkaran

Co-Director, Hamiltonian Artists Gallery. IG: @hamiltonian_artists @rex_makes. Seen at Pulse.

Fiona Tan

Artist & collector. IG: @Fionalifestyle. Seen at Context.
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