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Amelie, Maison d’art is a New Conceptual Art Space in Paris for Art Lovers and Interior Designers

Amelie, Maison d’art is a New Conceptual Art Space in Paris for Art Lovers and Interior Designers

Amelie du Chalard is the founder and creator of a new contemporary art space in Paris called Amelie, Maison d’art. Rather than exhibiting works in a typical gallery space, du Chalard has created “Art Rooms,” an avant-garde concept that invites art lovers and collectors to immerse themselves in a beautiful domestic interior while viewing over 3,000 abstract artworks, including artists such as Claude Viallat, Francis Limérat, and Eberhard Ross. As the daughter of an artist, she has always had a taste for art, spending her free time in shows, fairs and galleries, which allowed her to meet many talented artists. After going to business school, du Chalard started her career in finance, and spent everything she earned in art. She helped friends and relatives find art they were looking for, noticing that the desire to purchase work was very strong, but due to lack of time and knowledge of the field, they found it too difficult and didn’t frequent classic and traditional galleries. Thus, du Chalard created a new exciting concept of how to showcase art.

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Explain the concept behind Amelie, Maison d’art. How did you create the idea?

At this time I was living at Saint-Germain in Paris, a neighborhood filled with art galleries. While living here for four years, I could see that the galleries were either empty or closing. So I thought, “Okay, what is the problem? Why is the traditional gallery not working anymore?” In a gallery, the welcome tends to be cold and not really nice, so I decided to change the format of the traditional “gallery space.” Art is for a person in a house with interiors. I created [Maison d’art] to change the cold and elitist image of art. The first space I created was 300 square meters, with a room, bathroom, kitchen, and everything built like someone can live there. We call it the “Art Room.” The walls are changing every day. We also have a “Mini Room” which is 10 square meters. The Mini Room is open every day and contains small pieces of various artists, while the Art Room is located across the street and is by appointment only. We generally have around 5-10 meetings per day with art collectors, interior designers, and architects, and are constantly changing a total of 10 walls.

What types of art can we find on the walls of your space?

Now days I am working working with over 100 artists in all mediums: painting, sculpture, video, engraving etc. The DNA of the gallery is the abstraction. I think I started there because I have an educational background in this field.

How do you curate your artists?

The first 20 artists I work with were artists I followed and purchased in the past. Then after I continued to add new artists. Of course, I personally know all the artists and for me it’s important to know them. Today I have more or less 50 French artists and 50 artists from all around the world. We are working for brands like Louis Vuitton where they ask for our artists to make pieces for their new boutiques. We also make the artistic arrangement for a lot of offices, luxury hotels and interior designers.

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Do you find lot of interior designers?

50 of our clients are collectors about 40 are interior designers or architects for brands hotels, and corporations. Currently we working with a beautiful hotel in Place de Vosges in Paris. For them we have made a “model” room.

Why is a curator an important role?

I think a curator is the eye and visual side of the artistic world. It is not so easy when you don’t have educational background in art, but it’s important to help the public gain exposure to it.

What has been the proudest moment of your career?

When quite famous artists come to see me and ask me, “Can I work with you?” They are already in traditional French galleries but are quite open to my concept, agreeing with how we have to rethink the way we distribute art for the younger generation.

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What advice can you give to aspiring curators?

I would say that you must trust yourself and have confidence in yourself. Generally when you have a deep feeling about something, you have to follow through, trust in your feelings and the idea you want to achieve.

What does your current art collection look like?

I think the DNA of the gallery is a good reflection of my collection. I have abstract artworks, paintings and prints, including young artists. For me, art collecting is not a question of investment but a question of feeling and what I love.

Amelie, Maison d’art is located in Paris. Visit their website:

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