Anna Pietrzak
23K gold leaf, acrylic, fiber paste on canvas
48 x 60 in (120 x 150 cm)


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Anna Pietrzak is an artist and architect based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. “I am interested in discovering new shapes that lay somewhere between the figurative and the abstract that allude to the human form. I want to capture moments of instability, unrest, vulnerability, and precariousness, to expose how tensions that we carry internally within ourselves manifest as outward gestures worn on our bodies. There is an honesty to these expressions, which are sometimes more revealing than the words meant to explain them. When body language doesn’t match verbal prose, we intuitively believe how someone seems rather than what they say. I have chosen to explore these themes using gold leaf as the primary material in my work. Gilding is an uncommon technique, because for so long gold has been reduced to play a supporting role in painting – either as an embellishment on the piece or as the surface finish of the frame. I am interesting in reclaiming the expressive value of gold; so few mediums have such an immortal, timeless quality and sense of something so alive.”

Read more about the artist in her studio.


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