Khen Shish
Acrylic and ink on paper
22 x 30 inches / 56 x 76 cm
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Born in Safed, Israel in 1970, Khen Shish is a multidisciplinary artist who works with various media including collage, painting, drawing, and large-scale installations.

In her fierce works Shish introduces expressive scenes that fluctuate between chaos and horror, nature and culture, refinement and excess, frugal and Baroque. Her art is abstract but incorporates elements from nature as birds, plants, human figures, and body parts.
One leitmotif that can be found in many of Shish’s series is the eye; at once poetic and violent, it is bedded in different elements, resulting in an empty gaze that is directed at the viewer.
Her inspiration and references stem from popular culture, theoretical texts and prose.

Shish currently lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.