Two Nuns in a Field

Jay Miriam-White


Oil on linen

56 x 48 inches (142 x 122 cm)

8250 EUR / 10,000 USD

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Jay Miriam is a Brooklyn-based artist who paints portraits of everyday people doing everyday things. She is interested in moments of lingering time, when one is caught in a routine and passes time without a thought. From brushing our teeth, to getting trapped in small talk, to waiting for our date to arrive at the bar.

Miriam paints from memory. She avoids photographic references, computers, or projectors in her process. Instead, she pulls from a memory or story and reinterprets it. Creating a poetic world to depict a specific emotion, instance, or relationship. Often each painting takes months and up to one year to complete. She received a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, and an MFA from the New York Academy of Art.


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