Meditations from Monte Carlo

March 2, 2021

Time: 10:30AM EST

Join us for a virtual demonstration with Monaco-based artist Fiona Tan whose work is known to bring healing and transformation of the self. Tune in as she will give members a private viewing, sharing a demonstration with her artwork to transform your aura with different healing techniques – a perfect start for spring!

Fiona uses light and energy as a medium to reflect experiences which help induce shifts in the viewer and space. Her art is a tool to inspire transformation through light therapy. She creates mixed media artwork using traditional techniques in conjunction with new technology, mixing photography, digital art, drawing and painting linking the physical world and the virtual world with the human hand, depicting an Impressionism 5.0. 

By creating a new experience, Fiona helps people elevate themselves, giving them tools to transcend limitations and blockages. She also offers them another reality and way. Expanding their consciousness and awareness let people be more in touch with the divine, abundance and true beauty. The state of harmony and happiness truly happens once fears, pains and past have been processed and dealt with. Everyone can achieve the states and experiences Fiona portrays. They just need to be open to surrender and let go of what no longer serves them.

Fiona’s artworks have been added to the Coral Spring Museum. The artist, who in 2013 won the Futurum Award for her use of digital technology, became well known through numerous solo- and group shows in the United States, Canada, Germany and South Africa. She was also present at the Venice Biennial in 2015 with a project in the Palazzo Ca Zanardi.

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