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Women Artists That Sold at Frieze New York

Women Artists That Sold at Frieze New York

If you’re a collector, here are some women artists you should be paying attention to. Check out the round-up of our favorite works that sold at Frieze this year.

While the art world has started to welcome price transparency in virtual art fairs, dealers also point to the fact that their carbon footprints have ground to zero as a result of not having to ship and transport artwork to faraway destinations. 

This year Frieze New York saw impressive results as gallerists were able to promote their artists to a wider virtual audience. Female artists saw consistent and strong sales, topping the hundreds of thousands. Below we recap some of the works that saw success during the first-ever virtual Frieze run.

Michelle Rawlings, Untitled (2020), And Now Gallery

David Zwirner: Suzan Frecon, untitled composition in four colors (2020), $400,000. Alice Neel, Veronica (1980), $550,000. Isa Genzken, Nefertiti (2018), $250,000.

Hauser & Wirth: Lorna Simpson, Chicago (2020), $350,000. Rita Ackermann, Mama, Aftermath Leaving Neverland (2020), $275,000. Simone Leigh, Village Series (2020) $110,000. Mary Heilmann, Hermosa Sunset (2018), $60,000. Jenny Holzer, Selection from Truisms: A positive Attitude… (2015), $200,00. Avery Singer, Untitled (study) (2020), $150,000.

Mary Heilmann, Hermosa Sunset (2018), Hauser & Wirth

Gagosian: Katharina Grosse, 8 spray paintings sold priced between $43,000 to $157,000.

Pace Gallery: Loie Hollowell, Expanding Figure (2019), $250,000. 13 photographs by Nina Katchadourian, “Sorted Books” series (2019), $3,800 each.

Dorothy Iannone, JE VEUX TE POSSÉDER MALGRÉ MES PRINCIPES (1972), Ortuzar Projects.

Ortuzar Projects: Dorothy Iannone, JE VEUX TE POSSÉDER MALGRÉ MES PRINCIPES, (1972), $150,000.

Victoria Miro: Maria Berrio, The spike of the Crocus (2020). Adriana Varejo, Blue Song, (2019).

Marilyn Minter, Peek-a-boob (2020), Salon 94 gallery

Salon 94: Marilyn Minter, Peak-a-Boob (2020), $120,000. Four works by Alake Shilling ranging in price from $8,500 to $20,000. Laurie Simmons, Country Road: Kentucky (1984), $45,000, Birthday Cake (1984), $45,000.

Alake Shilling, Untitled (2019), Salon 94.

Gallery Xavier Hufkins: Tracey Emin sculpture for $60,000 and drawing $30,000.

Night Gallery: Jesse Mockrin, Madame, (2020), Approach, (2020).

Marian Goodman: Annette Messager, L’Immaculee’ (2020).

Louise Giovannelli, Pool (2020), GRIMM.

GRIMM: Loie Hollowell, Boob Wheel in red, brown and blue (2020), $150,000. Rosalind Nashashibi painting $12,300. Letha Wilson, sculpture for $12,000. Louise Giovanelli, Dyer (2020), btwn $10,000-20,000.

Loie Hollowell, Boob wheel in red, brown and blue (2020), GRIMM.
Jocelyn Hobbie, Plaid Skirt (2020), Fredericks & Freiser.
Haley Josephs, Moves into Light (2020), Fredericks and Freiser.

Fredericks & Freiser: Jenna Gribbon, 10 paintings priced between $6,000 and $20,000. Jocelyn Hobbie several paintings ranging from $24,000 to $60,000. Haley Josephs, Moves into Light, 2020, Ashes, 2020.

Jenna Gribbon, Big Wink (2020), Frederick and Freiser.
Mimi Gross, Gertrude and the Secretaries (1974), Eric Firestone.

Eric Firestone: Mimi Gross, Gertrude and the Secretaries (1974), $30,000, The Men of Sears Roebuck (1973), $25,000.

Lehmann Maupin: Catherine Opie, Rainbow Falls #2 (2015), $30,000.

Kohn Gallery: Kate Barbee, two paintings priced between $20,000 and $22,000. Caroline Kent, painting for $12,500.

And Now: Michelle Rawlings, seven of eight paintings priced between $5,000-$7,000.

Sarah Slappey, Tied Up (2020), Galerie Maria Bernheim.

Galerie Maria Bernheim: Sarah Slappey, Tied Up (2020), priced between $2,500 and $10,000.

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Robin F. Williams, A sound around no one (study), 2020. P.P.O.W.

P.P.O.W: Robin F. Williams, A sound around no one, (study) (2020).

Garth and Greenan: Gladys Nilsson, four paintings priced between $65,000 and $125,000.

Kasmin Gallery: Jane Freilicher, Untitled (Forsythia and Orange), $65,000.

Arghavan Khosravi, The Balance (2019), Rachel Uffner.

Rachel Uffner: Arghavan Khosravi, A Gentle Greeting (2020), The Balance (2019).

Kohn Gallery: Caroline Kent, a painting for $12,500.

Altman Siegel: Koak, three paintings, $8,000 each.

Koak, The Rider, (2020), Altman Siegel.
Jesse Mockrin, Approach (2020), Night Gallery.
Louisa Gagliardi, Puzzled (2020), Rodolphe Janssen Gallery.

Rodolphe Janssen Gallery: Louisa Gagliardi, Puzzled (2020), Another Avalanche (2020), between $10,000 and $15,000 each.

Miguel Abreu Gallery: Eileen Quinlan, print, $32,000.

Linda Stark, I Heart New York (2012), David Kordansky gallery.

David Kordansky Gallery: Linda Stark, eight of eleven works on paper, between $10,000 and $12,000.

Linda Stark, Bearded Lady (2014), David Kordansky Gallery.
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