Join the global art scene through our exclusive membership club designed to empower women in the art industry. Our members can connect with savvy and influential leaders in the art world through our monthly salon series, private viewings, cocktail hours, and invite-only dinners.

The Collector’s Club is a network of ambitious women, art lovers, and collectors who strive to be the highest version of ourselves and impact the world around us through the power of art, experiences, and meaningful conversations. Our highly curated membership offers support, exposure, and access to high-impact resources and opportunities to help members achieve their audacious dreams.

We believe women are the best investment for the future – from education to political leadership, to finance and business, to art and culture. Did you know: According to a study from UBS, with the great wealth transfer well underway, we will see women controlling 32% of all wealth ($72 trillion). This is opening up opportunities for women to get more involved with art and collecting.

While the representation of female artists by primary market galleries is now around 40%, their sales still account only for 2% of the total market. The solution? Invest in women artists. We encourage the next generation of collectors and partner with artists, galleries and institutions to give you the best insider experience.

To ensure quality and that each member has a game-changing experience, we only accept a limited number of new members once a quarter. By submitting your application, your information will be reviewed at the next Membership Committee meeting. The deadline for the current quarter is December 31, 2020.


Our current locations include: New York, Palm Beach, London, Hong Kong, Paris, and Milan.

Stay tuned for upcoming events.