Valentina Buzzi

Valentina Buzzi is a Seoul based Ph.D. researcher, editor, and art consultant. Her academic research focuses on re-thinking the relations between cultural institutions and society in the 21st century through the lens of technology, feminism, post-colonialism, and science. As a consultant, she actively collaborates with the Italian Institute of Culture, in producing and promoting contemporary art exhibitions and events with the aim of creating cross-cultural conversations between Italy and Korea As an editor, she collaborates with different art magazines focusing on the Korean art & cultural landscape, with the goal of bringing Korean art to a wider international public. Her favourite part is talking to people: whereas this is to interview artists or art professionals, create connections or engage in deep conversations, Valentina believes in the power of communication in bringing people and ideas together. Before moving to Seoul, she worked in both the private & public art sector in Milan, Liverpool, Paris & Geneva, focusing mainly on art management, production, and curatorial practices. Valentina earned an MA in International Cultural Policy and Management at Warwick University (U.K.) and a BA in Art history & Marketing at IULM University (Milan). She speaks fluent Italian, French and English and she is currently actively learning Korean.

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