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Art & Cocktails with Kat Popova

Art & Cocktails with Kat Popova

Meet Kat Popova, the voice behind the podcast ‘Art & Cocktails’ and Editor-in-Chief of Create! Magazine, a print publication celebrating emerging artists.

Kat Popova is the founder of the new hit podcast, Art & Cocktails, as well as the Editor-in-Chief of Create! Magazine. This year, Popova’s team took the initiative to promote female artists through the podcast and magazine. Inspired by the art of cocktails, Popova’s podcast interviews artists, creative entrepreneurs, curators, and more. In celebration of summer, we invited Popova to the ART SHE SAYS office in New York City to try five cocktails named after her favorite female artists. Check out the recipes below!

What inspired you to create Art & Cocktails?

Art & Cocktails initially started as a blog idea. At the time, I also thought it would be exciting to create a full-blown book of art-inspired cocktails, illustrations, photographs, and this is still in the works. Since I was already running Create! Magazine and my art career, starting another project at the time were not appropriate, so I bought the domain and kept it on the back burner for a few years. 

However, as I got invited to share my story as an artist and founder of Create! Magazine more and more frequently, I thought it would be helpful for others to hear my story publicly. I listened to a lot of self-development podcast to keep me in a positive frame of mind and didn’t see anything similar in the arts. 

I kept seeing little signs and nudges from the Universe to start a podcast. I just celebrated our first anniversary and am so happy I made this decision!

Video Credit: Maya Delany for ART SHE SAYS.

What types of people do you interview? 

I interview artists, creative entrepreneurs, art writers, curators, gallerists, dealers, and anyone who plays a role in the art world. I love having individuals from all walks of life and career levels on my show because it helps democratize the art world, and we can all learn from each other. 

So far, who has been your favorite person that you have interviewed?

I love all my guests, but having Danielle Krysa (Jealous Curator) as my first guest was so amazing. We interviewed each other on that episode, and it gave me the confidence to go forward with the project. Danielle’s books, blog, story, and artwork inspired me so much, and I have to thank her for where I am today. 

How has your confidence grown since the beginning of Art & Cocktails?

Since launching the show for the past year, I learned to pay attention to what my listeners are interested in the most and what topics will resonate with them. Reading the messages, reviews, emails, and paying attention to what my community is saying makes a massive difference in my confidence as a host. 

How did you start creating your own content?

I started my first art magazine in 2013, and it was called FreshPaintMagazine. It was similar in format to Create! Magazine, but focused more on emerging contemporary painters. That was my first experience with interviewing artists and reviewing exhibitions. 

These days, I still love to do the same with Create! Magazine (founded in 2016) but I had an incredible team that makes generating content super easy. My partner, Alicia Puig, is a writer and we each love to share our experiences in the art world and offer tips for emerging artists on our blog and recently our co-written book, “The Smartist Guide.” 

Photo Credit: Maya Delany for ART SHE SAYS.

What’s next for Art & Cocktails?

I just booked a few exciting interviews and will continue sharing my journey with my listeners. As my art career grows and I experience new opportunities to exhibit my paintings, I love to share the behind the scenes and mindset behind how I’m living as an artist and creative entrepreneur. 

Alicia and I recently partnered with Art Girl Rising and will be sharing more about the collaboration and t-shirts on an upcoming episode coming out later this summer! Alicia created a few exciting cocktails based on the artists whose names will appear on the shirts. 

Hilma Manhattan

“For those of you who are based on New York City, I’m sure you’ve been to the Guggenheim and seen the fabulous work by this amazing female artist that’s been undercover for years. In her will, she specifically instructed her paintings are not to be shown for 20 years because she felt that society was not ready to accept them. I was so inspired by her self-control and vision and the beauty in the artwork that she created. It’s very mystical and progressive, so I definitely wanted to celebrate her through this delicious cocktail.”

Judy Julep

“Next we have the Judy Julep which is perfect for this weather. Judy Chicago is one of the most progressive feminists artists of our generation. From her dinner table to a ton of other installations and also a lot of work that she’s done for various foundations has been very inspiring to us. Still learning about her a ton, I got to see some of her works at the Smithsonian and we definitely though she should be highlighted on one of our shirts.”

Marina Martini

“And then of course, how could we forget, The Marina Martini. Marina Abromovic is one of the most groundbreaking performance artists of our time and we had to pay her tribute with a classic so this will be a nice one to talk about what other female artists are coming up next. We’re highlighting sort of staples that people are probably aware of but going forward we also want to talk about some under-represented artists from all genders but especially females because I feel like for generations we haven’t talked about their work.”

Mickalene Mule

This probably has to be my favorite personal  artist out of this bunch; Mickalene Thomas has been an inspiration to me and my work even though you might not directly see it in my visuals, but, she is an amazing African American artist that does these gorgeous portraits of women in these environments that are created out of glitter and sequins. They really empower the female figure, but also as visual objects are just absolutely stunning. I remember when I first saw them, I think it was at the Armory back when I was in college I was blown away so we also had to of course include her.

Shirin Champagne

Lastly we have the Shirin Champagne. Shirin Neshat has also been an inspiration to me personally. I discovered her work while taking a contemporary art class in college and I saw her first video ‘Turbulence’ and it really moved me. I thought she did a beautiful job with her visuals and sound and movement and also incorporating a lot of her aesthetic; the black and white. I think one of the most inspiring things about someone like Shirin, is that when she first started her work, it was so painful and controversial for her. I think she has paved the way for a lot of Middle Eastern women to step out and to use your voice for good.”

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Cocktails designed by Alicia Puig, Director of Business Operations at Create! Magazine. Learn more at or follow on Instagram at @artandcocktails and @createmagazine.

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2 oz Mezcal

1 oz Pineapple Juice

1/2 oz Lime Juice

1/2 oz Agave Nectar

Dashes of Havanero Incture

Pinch of Cilantro

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